Estudi de coreografies ballades a esdeveniments de Catalunya i Europa.

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  Juliol Agost Setembre Octubre Novembre Desembre    
1 Lay low lay low           1
2 bring down the house bring down the house           2
3 tag on tag on           3
4 hold happy, happy, happy           4
5 happy, happy, happy hold           5
6 P3 P3           6
7 anything for love anything for love           7
8 cuz you cuz you           8
9 cajun dance just a girl           9
10 just a girl country as can be           10
11 go cat go cajun dance           11
12 country as can be go cat go           12
13 island in the stream lalali           13
14 lalali island in the stream           14
15 american kids american kids           15
16 JR JR           16
17 the boat to liverpool chill factor           17
18 french kiss the boat to liverpool           18
19 chill factor french kiss           19
20 so just dance dance dance blue night cha           20
21 blue night cha so just dance dance dance           21
22 jamaican run jamaican run           22
23 16 bars ain't misbeahavin'           23
24 ain't misbeahavin' stitches           24
25 stitches toes           25
26 detroit down whole again           26
27 got no 16 bars           27
28 last cowboy chop           28
29 toes detroit down           29
30 whole again electric slide           30
31 chop cowboy charleston           31
32 electric slide fire&lace           32
33 fire&lace got no           33
34 AB rumba last cowboy           34
35 baby belle the bomp           35
36 cowboy charleston tour mexico           36
37 the bomp AB rumba           37
38 mountain man baby belle           38
39 on the rocks mountain man           39
40 livin' country on the rocks           40
41 the queen ticket to the blues           41
42 ticket to the blues the queen           42
43 tour in mexico this & that           43
44 loveline come dance with me           44
45 next one livin' country           45
46 pitter patter loveline           46
47 this&that next one           47
48 whiskeys gone rose garden           48
49 come dance with me whiskeys gone           49
50 lake darbone ay, ay, ay           50
51 rose garden bosanova           51
52 ay, ay, ay heartbreak           52
53 bosanova pitter patter           53
54 dreamers take me to the river           54
55 heartbreak dreamers           55
56 ave sau hello dolly           56
57 hello dolly lake darbone           57
58 irish stew imelda's way           58
59 julian irish stew           59
60 my dear juliet julian           60
61 priscilla ave sau           61
62 take me to the river cliché love song           62
63 we only live once dig your heels           63
64 bruises my dear juliet           64
65 cliché love song priscilla           65
66 imelda's way two boys           66
67 mamma maria we only live once           67
68 summer fly white rose           68
69 two boys bruises           69
70 white rose homegrown           70
71 anyway mamma maria           71
72 forty miles memories           72
73 homegrown pom poms           73
74 long pride raggle taggle gipsy O           74
75 raggle taggle gipsy O second hand heart           75
76 second hand heart summer fly           76
77 skiffle time two by two           77
78 two by two 1-2-3-4           78
79 1-2-3-4 anyway           79
80 better together better together           80
81 blue note bring on the good time           81
82 bring on the good times forty miles           82
83 canadian boots long pride           83
84 dig your heels long time           84
85 long time mira sofia           85
86 mama loo recto verso           86
87 memories skiffle time           87
88 my hope tango with me darling           88
89 pom poms until the dawn           89
90 recto verso we'll try           90
91 to be saved big city summertime           91
92 until the dawn blue note           92
93 we'll try canadian boots           93
94 corazon diamante gypsy queen           94
95 ghost train lipstick power and paint           95
96 gypsy queen mama loo           96
97 hello summer my hope           97
98 I'm alive on the waves           98
99 jo and jo tango shady           99
100 lipstick power and paint skinny genes           100
100 mira sofia start again           100
100 on the waves telepathy           100
100 precious time to be saved           100
100 ranger eyes your loving arms           100
100 skinny genes             100
100 telepathy             100
100 your loving arms             100
  Gener Febrer Març Abril Maig Juny    
1 Lay low Lay low Lay low Lay low lay low

lay low

2 Hold Bring down the house bring down the house tag on bring down the house bring down the house   2
3 Anything for love hold tag on bring down the house tag on tag on   3
4 Cajun dance tag on hold hold hold hold   4
5 Tag on anything for love anything for love P3 anything for love anything for love   5
6 Bring down the house cajun dance just a girl anything for love P3 cuz you   6
7 P3 just a girl P3 just a girl happy, happy, happy happy, happy, happy   7
8 Just a girl P3 cajun dance cajun dance cuz you P3   8
9 JR country can be cuz you cuz you just a girl cajun dance   9
10 Lalali lalali country as can be happy, happy, happy cajun dance just a girl   10
11 American kids go cat go JR country as can be country as can be country as can be   11
12 Chop JR Lalali lalali go cat go go cat go   12
13 Country as can be american kids the boat to liverpool american kids lalali lalali   13
14 Cuz you the boat to liverpool american kids go cat go american kids island in the stream   14
15 Go cat go chop go cat go JR french kiss american kids   15
16 Got no cuz you happy, happy, happy the boat to liverpool island in the stream french kiss   16
17 Last cowboy french kiss chop chill factor JR JR   17
18 The boat to liverpool happy, happy, happy french kiss island in the stream the boat to liverpool the boat to liverpool   18
19 16 bars 16 bars 16 bars french kiss chill factor chill factor   19
20 Detroit down chill factor chill factor last cowboy jamaican run so just dance dance dance   20
21 Fire&lace got no got no 16 bars so just dance dance dance blue night cha   21
22 French kiss last cowboy island in the stream blue night cha blue night cha jamaican run   22
23 mountain man detroit down last cowboy chop chop 16 bars   23
24 Livin' country fire&lace detroit down jamaican run detroit down detroit down   24
25 Loveline island in the stream baby belle so just dance dance dance got no got no   25
26 Stitches mountain man fire&lace ain't misbeahavin' 16 bars stitches   26
27 Chill factor so just dance dance dance jamaican run fire&lace ain't misbeahavin' ain't misbeahavin'   27
28 Cowboy charleston baby belle mountain man got no fire&lace chop   28
29 Island in the stream jamaican run so just dance dance dance stitches last cowboy electric slide   29
30 So just dance dance dance stitches livin' country baby belle baby belle fire&lace   30
31 Dreamers cowboy charleston loveline detroit down stitches last cowboy   31
32 Happy, happy, happy lake darbone stitches mountain man AB Rumba baby belle   32
33 Lake darbone livin' country ain't misbeahavin' AB Rumba electric slide toes   33
34 Anyway loveline blue night cha cowboy charleston mountain man whole again   34
35 Baby belle ain't misbeahavin' cowboy charleston electric slide whole again AB rumba   35
36 Blue night cha blue night cha dreamers lake darbone livin' country mountain man   36
37 Jamaican run dreamers electric slide livin' country the bomp the bomp   37
38 Priscilla electric slide lake darbone loveline toes cowboy charleston   38
39 Ticket to the blues ticket to the blues Ay, ay, ay the bomp cowboy charleston livin' country   39
40 To be saved AB Rumba ticket to the blues whole again lake darbone loveline   40
41 Ain't misbeahavin' priscilla AB rumba ay, ay, ay loveline next one   41
42 Ay, ay, ay anyway anyway dreamers rose garden on the rocks   42
43 Electric slide rose garden priscilla rose garden this&that ticket to the blues   43
44 My hope the bomp rose garden ticket to the blues ay, ay, ay tour in mexico   44
45 Rose garden to be saved this&that toes dreamers lake darbone   45
46 Whole again whole again whole again this&that next one rose garden   46
47 Bruixes bruises bruises heartbreak on the rocks the queen   47
48 Heartbreak cliché love song heartbreak priscilla ticket to the blues this & that   48
49 Lilly my dear juliet my dear juliet anyway heartbreak ay, ay, ay   49
50 Next one next one next one bruises priscilla dreamers   50
51 This&that this&that the bomp cliché love song the queen pitter patter   51
52 Toes toes to be saved julian whiskeys gone whiskeys gone   52
53 Wheels of love ay, ay, ay toes next one bruises come dance with me   53
54 Whiskeys gone corazon diamante cliché love song on the rocks pitter patter heartbreak   54
55 Ave sau heartbreak julian we only live once tour in mexico julian   55
56 Cliché love song julian on the rocks long pride two boys priscilla   56
57 Corazon diamante my hope recto verso mamma maria white rose we only live once   57
58 Jumping jack flash on the rocks skiffle time my dear juliet anyway ave sau   58
59 Long pride pitter patter we only live once pitter patter cliché love song bosanova   59
60 My dear Juliet skiffle time whiskeys gone recto verso julian bruixes   60
61 On the rocks we only live once white rose to be saved my dear juliet cliché love song   61
62 Pitter patter whiskeys gone blue note whiskeys gone summer fly my dear juliet   62
63 Rainbow white rose corazon diamante white rose we only live once summer fly   63
64 Skiffle time ave sau long pride corazon diamante canadian boots take me to the river   64
65 The bomp blue note my hope hello dolly come dance with me two boys   65
66 We only live once jumping jack flash pitter patter imelda's way forty miles white rose   66
67 White rose lilly raggle taggle gipsy O raggle taggle gipsy O irish stew anyway   67
68 AB Rumba long pride two boys skiffle time long pride forty miles   68
69 Blue note mamma maria ave sau two boys mamma maria hello dolly   69
70 Canadian boots ranger eyes canadian boots blue note recto verso imelda's way   70
71 Gothic wheels of love Imelda's way bosanova take me to the river irish stew   71
72 Irish Stew better together irish stew canadian boots to be saved mamma maria   72
73 Julian canadian boots jumping jack flash come dance with me two by two second hand heart   73
74 Kizomba catch&release lilly irish stew ave sau two by two   74
75 Long time gothic long time my hope better together better together   75
76 Mamma mia hello dolly mamma maria precious time bosanova canadian boots   76
77 Pieces (dustin betts) Imerda's way memories ranger eyes corazon diamante homegrown   77
78 Stay irish stew ranger eyes second hand heart hello dolly long pride   78
79 Take my away jo and jo tango wheels of love the queen homegrown long time   79
80 Telepathy long time all shook up two by two imelda's way memories   80
81 2015 mira sofia better together ave sau long time my hope   81
82 Better together raggle taggle gipsy 0 catch & release better together memories recto verso   82
83 Cadillac & caviar rainbow come dance with me bring on the good times my hope skiffle time   83
84 Catch & release recto verso forty miles catch&release precious time to be saved   84
85 Celtic warrior superheroes gothic forty miles raggle taggle gipsy 0 we'll try   85
86 Come dance with me think of you (wild west) hello dolly hello summer second hand heart blue note   86
87 Hello dolly two boys homegrown homegrown skiffle time bring on the good times   87
88 Hello summer two by two jo and jo tango jo and jo tango telepathy corazon diamante   88
89 Imelda's way big city summertime lost in me jumping jack flash we'll try hello summer   89
90 Jamboree bosanova mira sofia lilly blue note I'm alive   90
91 Jo and jo tango bring on the good times precious time long time hello summer jo and jo tango   91
92 Joana cabo san lucas rainbow mama loo I'm alive mama loo   92
93 Lindy shuffle celtic warrior second hand heart memories jo and jo tango mira sofia   93
94 Mama loo cheerio some day you'll love me mira sofia lilly on the waves   94
95 Mira sofía come dance with me stay pom poms mama loo pom poms   95
96 Muy mucho cut a ruc summer fly stay mira sofía precious time   96
97 On the wavers ghost train superheroes summer fly on the waves raggle taggle gipsy O   97
98 Pom poms hello summer telepathy take me to the river ranger eyes ranger eyes   98
99 Raggle taggle gipsy O hootennany the queen telepathy stay telepathy   99
100 Ranger eyes I'm coming home think of you take me to the river vertical expressions until the dawn   100
100 Ruc's dreams kizomba two by two telepathy bring on the good times 1-2-3-4   100
100 Runaway leona your loving arms wheels of love catch&release cath&release   100
100 San Lucas les travelled 1-2-3-4 your loving arms DHSS dig your heels   100
100 Slippery mama loo big city summertime   ghost train ghost train   100
100 Southern memories bosanova   hey girl gypsy queen   100
100 Superheroes my mucho bring on the good times   jumping jack flash hey girl   100
100 Think of you (Wild west) ocean bud spencer   pom poms lilly   100
100 Two boys on the waves cabo san lucas   san lucas ocean   100
100 Young volcanoes pieces caddicas & caviar   superheroes skinny genes   100
100 Your loving arms pom poms celtic warrior   the flute stay   100
    precious time cheerio   wheels of love vertical expressions    
    san lucas dance again   young volcanoes woman up    
    second hand heart doctor doctor   your loving arms young volcanoes    
    some day you'll love me driven   zjozzys funk your loving arms    


  Juliol Agost Setembre Octubre Novembre Desembre  
1       Anything for love Anyting for love Lay low 1
2 VACANCES VACANCES MODIFICANT cajun dance cajun dance tag on 2
3 lay low lay low anything for love 3
4       hold tag on cajun dance 4
5       tag on hold hold 5
6       P3 P3 P3 6
7       island in the stream just a girl just a girl 7
8       JR JR JR 8
9       the boat to liverpool country as can be Bring down the house 9
10       dreamers go cat go go cat go 10
11       just a gil american kids american kids 11
12       american kids bring down the house caountry as can be 12
13       country as can be island in the stream got no 13
14       fire&lace stitches last cowboy 14
15       go cat go the boa to liverpool stitches 15
16       my hope 16 bars the boat to liverpool 16
17       last cowboy cuz you 16 bars 17
18       livin' country got no fire&lace 18
19       stitches last cowboy island int the stream 19
20       summerfly so just dance dance dance so just dance dance dance 20
21       blue night cha summerfly chill factor 21
22       bring down the house cowboy charleston cowboy charleston 22
23       bruises dreamers cuz you 23
24       heartbreak fire&lace lalali 24
25       jamaican run livin' country loverline 25
26       loveline loveline summerfly 26
27       ticket to the blues blue night cha blue night cha 27
28       2015 chill factor dreamers 28
29       16 bars lalali livin' country 29
30       ain't misbeahavin' my hope ticket to the blues 30
31       anyway ticket to the blues ain't misbeahavin' 31
32       ave sau whole again chop 32
33       ay, ay, ay anyway jamaican run 33
34       baby belle baby belle mountain man 34
35       chill factor bruises my hope 35
36       cuz you electric slide rose garden 36
37       irish stew jamaican run whole again 37
38       jo and jo tango lake darbone anyway 38
39       lalali mountain man detroit down 39
40       mountain man priscilla electric slide 40
41       my dear juliet rose garden french kiss 41
42       not fair toes priscilla 42
43       on the rocks ain't misbeahavin' toes 43
44       pitter patter ay, ay, ay whisheys gone 44
45       priscilla corazon diamante baby belle 45
46       rose garden detroit down bruises 46
47       ruc's dream french kiss cliché love song 47
48       runaway gothic corazon diamante 48
49       san lucas heartbreak heartbreak 49
50       so just dance dance dance lilly lake darbone 50
51       toes on the rocks lilly 51
52       two boys rainbow on the rocks 52
53       we only live once skiffle time skiffle time 53
54       whiskeys gone take my away the bomp 54
55       white rose this&that this&that 55
56       whole again we only live once to be saved 56
57       young volcanoes whiskeys gone we only live once 57
58       big blues tree ave sau Ay, ay, ay 58
59       blue note blue note blue note 59
60       cadillac&caviar chop gothic 60
61       celtic warrior cliché love song happy, happy, happy 61
62       cliché love song irish stew irish stew 62
63       cowboy clarleston jamboree jumping jack flash 63
64       crazy people jo and jo tango kizomba 64
65       dance again kizomba long pride 65
66       detroit down mamma mia mamma mia 66
67       electric slide muy mucho pitter patter 67
68       good start my dear juliet rainbow 68
69       got no pitter patter take my away 69
70       gothic ruc's dreams white rose 70
71       I can help the bomp 2015 71
72       Insieme to be saved AB rumba 72
73       Jamboree white rose Ave sau 73
74       Kizomba young volcanoes Caddicas&caviar 74
75       Less travelled 2015 canadian boots 75
76       Lilly AB rumba catch&caviar 76
77       Lindy shuffle  BBC  come dance with me 77
78       Live, laugh, love big blue tree hello dolly 78
79       Long pride cadillac &caviar hello summer 79
80       Mama loo catch&release imelda's way 80
81       Mamma mia come dance with me jamboree 81
82       Muntsa el perdón jo and jo tango 82
83       raggle taggle bipsy O hello summer julian 83
84       rainbow lindy shuffle lindy shuffle 84
85       skiffle time lord of stomps mama loo 85
86       southern magic moon mira solía 86
87       take me away mama loo muy mucho 87
88       texas valley mira sofia my dear juliet 88
89       the bomp my fix pieces 89
90       this & that not fair (country) pom poms 90
91       to be saved paris raggle taggle gipsy O 91
92       zjozzy's funk pieces ruc's dreams 92
93       ? pom poms runaway 93
94       ? raggle taggle gipsy O slippery 94
95       ? ranger eyes telepathy 95
96       ? runaway wheels of love 96
97       ? san lucas young volcanoes 97
98       ? slippery your loving arms 98
99       ? telepathy 1-2-3-4 99
100       ? think of you baby blues 100
100         two boys BBC 100
100         until the dawn big blue tree 100
100         wheels of love Bosanova 100
100         zjozzy's funk Cheerio 100
100           come back me love 100
100           cut a ruc 100
100           el perdón 100
100           good start 100
100           hootennany 100
100           insieme 100
100             100
100             100
100             100

  Gener Febrer Març Abril Maig Juny  
1 country as can be country as can be P3 P3 country as can be P3 1
2 P3 P3 country as can be country as can be P3 country as can be 2
3 go cat go go cat go go cat go go cat go go cat go go cat go 3
4 jamaican run jamaican run JR JR JR JR 4
5 this&that this&that jamaican run jamaican run jamaican run jamaican run 5
6 toes chill factor this&that this&that this&that tag on 6
7 chill factor JR chill factor toes Tag on this&that 7
8 two boys toes toes chill factor toes toes 8
9 irish stew two boys tag on tag on Chill factor chill factor 9
10 JR tag on two boys two boys two boys two boys 10
11 rose garden irish stew irish stew irish stew irish stew irish stew 11
12 islands in the stream rose garden rose garden rose garden rose garden summer fly 12
13 muntsa 16 bars 16 bars summer fly summer fly rose garden 13
14 tag on electric slide cowboys charleston cowboy charleston 16 bars cowboy charleston 14
15 electric slide islands in the stream islands in the stream islands in the stream cowboy charleston 16 bars 15
16 cowboy charleston summer fly summer fly 16 bars islands in the stream islands in the stream 16
17 summer fly cowboy charleston electric slide ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay ay ay 17
18 16 bars muntsa muntsa electric slide electric slide electric slide 18
19 lost in me ay, ay, ay ay ay ay muntsa muntsa muntsa 19
20 white rose lost in me white rose last cowboy last cowboy last cowboy 20
21 1000 years or more white rose lost in me the boat to liverpool the boat to liverpool the boat to liverpool 21
22 whiskey's gone 1000 years last cowboy white rose white rose white rose 22
23 ay ay ay last cowboy the boat to liverpool lost in me 1000 years 1000 years 23
24 coastin' whiskey's gone 1000 years or more 1000 years lost in me lost in me 24
25 less travelled my dear juliet coastin' whiskey's gone whisey's gpne whiskey's rose 25
26 my dear juliet coastin' whiskey's gone coastin' coastin' coastin' 26
27 last cowboy less travelled my dear juliet my dear juliet my dear juliet imelda's gone 27
28 the boat to liverpool the boat to liverpool less travelled less travelled imelda's way my dear juliet 28
29 The flute something in the water something in the water something in the water less travelled baby blues 29
30 something in the water no frost the flute baby blues something in the water less travelled 30
31 crazy people the flute telepathy crazy people baby blues something in the water 31
32 no frost crazy people no frost imelda's way crazy people crazy people 32
33 sahara baby blues baby blues the flute the flute the flute 33
34 baby blues sahara crazy people no frost come dance with me bruises 34
35 telepathy telepathy cut a rug telepaty no frost come dance with me 35
36 sheriff on fire cut a rug sahara bruises telepathy fire&lace 36
37 cut a rug dance again dance again come dance with me bruises no frost 37
38 dance again come dance with me imelda's way cut a rug cut a rug telepathy 38
39 come dance with me sheriff on fire sheriff on fire sheriff on fire sheriff on fire cheek to cheek 39
40 sunday driver cheek to cheek cheek to cheek cheek to cheek cheek to cheek cut a rug 40
41 whole again sunday driver come dance with me dance again dance again dance again 41
42 bruises whole again bruises sahara sahara sahara 42
43 cheek to cheek bruises pitter patter whole again whole again sheriff on fire 43
44 driven imelda's way whole again sunday driver sunday driver sunday driver 44
45 jacket joe jacket joe sunday driver pitter patter fere&lace whole again 45
46 pitter patter pitter patter amame amame pitter patter amame 46
47 amame amame driven fire&lace amame pitter patter 47
48 friday yet driven (rod fowler) heartbreak heartbreak heartbreak heartbreak 48
49 imelda's way friday yet friday yet driven (rod fowler) AB Rhumba AB Rhumba 49
50 on the rocks heartbreak jacket joe friday yet driven (rod fowler) american kids 50
51 heartbreak on the rocks raggle taggle gypsy O raggle taggle gypsy O Friday yet friday yet 51
52 km 0 raggle taggle gypsy O american kids AB rhumba raggle taggle gypsy O driven 52
53 raggle taggle typsy O km 0 on the rocks american kids american kids on the rocks 53
54 askin' questions good start AB Rhumba jacket joe jacket joe raggle taggle gypsy O 54
55 knee deep the final test Good start on the rocks on the rocks ghost train 55
56 the final test askin' questions fire&lace long pride long pride jacket joe 56
57 two by two j. walk km 0 mamma maria mamma maria long pride 57
58 don't ask knee deep knee deep ghost train ghost train mamma maria 58
59 mamma maria mamma maria mamma maria good start good start good start 59
60 1929 two by two two by two baby bubbles baby bubbles two by two 60
61 baby bubbles AB Rhumba askin' question km 0 km 0 bleu night cha 61
62 ghost train duntty free J. Walk two by two two by two hello dolly 62
63 good start fire&lace long pride blue night cha blue night cha km 0 63
64 just married ghost train the final test hello dolly hello dolly baby bubbles 64
65 taxi driver cowboy long pride don't ask j.walk j. walk J. Walk 65
66 duntty free 1929 ghost train knee deep knee deep knee deep 66
67 hello dolly american kids hello dolly the final test the final test mama loo 67
68 j.walk don't ask baby bubbles askin' questions askin' questions the final test 68
69 live laught love hello dolly blue night cha don't ask don't ask askin' questions 69
70 pot of gold just married canadian boots canadian boots canadian boots don't ask 70
71 the wind drives you taxi driver cowboy duntty free live laught love live laught love bosa nova 71
72 AB Rhumba baby bubbles just married mama loo mama loo canadian boots 72
73 blue night cha blue night cha where I belong 1929 1929 live, laught, love 73
74 eatin' rigt drinkin' bad mama loo 1929 bosa nova bosa nova 1929 74
75 mama loo where I belong live laught love dutty free duntty free anything for love 75
76 where I belong canadian boots mama loo just married just married duntty free 76
77 all shook up eatin' ringt drinkin' bad taxi driver cowboy lindy shuffle lindy shuffle eatin' ringt drinkin' bad 77
78 american kids from here bosa nova where I belong where I belong just married 78
79 bosa nova live laught love eatin' ringt drinkin' bad eatin' rigt drinkin' bad eatin' ringt drinkin' bad lindy shuffle 79
80 cumbia semana pot of gold from here from here from here where I belong 80
81 lindy shuffle the wind drives you joana taxi driver cowboy taxi driver cowboy From here 81
82 precius time bosa nova lindy shuffle joana joana Skiffle time 82
83 shiffle time lindy shuffle pot of gold pot of gold pot of gold taxi driver cowboy 83
84 thanks to you all shook up the wind drives you skiffle time skiffle time joana 84
85 canadian boots cumbia semana cumbia semana jo'n jo tango jo'n jo tango pot of gold 85
86 fire&lace precius time rock aroun the clock precius time precius time precius time 86
87 from here skiffle time skiffle time tennesee waltz surprise rock around the clock all shook up 87
88 it happen's tennessee waltz surprise tennessee waltz surprise the boss tennesessee waltz surprise jo'n jo tango 88
89 long pride thanks to you the boss the wind drives you the boss rock around the clock 89
90 tennessee waltz surprese the boss all shook up all shook up the wind drives you tennessee waltz surprise 90
91 joana it happens' it happens' cumbia semana all shook up the boss 91
92 the boss joana precius time rock around the clock anything for love the wind drives you 92
93 jo'n jo tango american dream short time short time cumbia semana cumbia semana 93
94 rock around the clock short time thanks to you it happens' short time it happens' 94
95 clap happy jo'n jo tango american dream thanks to you it happens short time 95
96 open heart cowboy rock around the clock jo'n jo tango american dream thanks to you american dream 96
97 so much clap happy clap happy baby come back to me american dream thanks to you 97
98 american dream lightning polka doctor, doctor bachata crazy baby com back to me young volcanoes 98
99 baby come back to me open heart cowboy open heart cowboy hootenny bachata crazy cecilia 99
100 doctor, doctor so much baby come back to me young volcanoes hootennny hootennny 100
100 footloose baby come back to me hootennny cecilia youn volcanoes stitches 100
100 short time doctor, doctor lightning polka clap happy cecilia baby come back to me 100
100 tush push firestorm mestei doctor, doctor clap happy bachata crazy 100
100   footloose so much lightning polka doctor doctor priscilla 100
100   mestei tush push mestei lightning polka clap happy 100
100   tush push   open heart cowboy mestei country style 100
100         open heart cowboy doctor, doctor 100
100           lightning polka 100
100           mestei 100
100           open heart cowboy 100
100           train of freams 100
100             100
100             100



  Juliol Agost Setembre Octubre Novembre Desembre  
1 Country as can be Country as can be country as can be country as can be Country as can be Country as can be  
2 P3 P3 P3 P3 P3 P3  
3 go cat go Go cat go  Go cat go go cat go go cat go go cat go  
4 jamaican run Jamaican run Jamaican run Toes jamaican run Jamaican run  
5 this&that This&that Toes jamaican run This&that This&that  
6 toes Toes This&That This&that toes toes  
7 irish stew Irish stew Irish Stew Irish Stew irish stew chill factor  
8 two boys Two boys Chill factor Chill factor two boys two boys  
9 muntsa Chill factor Two boys Two boys chill factor irish stew  
10 chill factor Muntsa Muntsa Muntsa electric slide islands in the stream  
11 electric slide Electric slide Electric slide Electric slide islands in the stream electric slide  
12 islands in the stream Islands in the stream Islands in the stream Islands in the stream muntsa rose garden  
13 lost in me White rose White rose whiskey's gone rose garden muntsa   
14 white rose Whiskey's gone Whiskey's gone white rose 1000 years or more JR  
15 less travelled Lost in me Lost in me lost in me Lost in me cowboy charleston  
16 my dear juliet The flute Coastin' rose garden White rose lost in me  
17 the flute Rose garden The flute cowboy charleston JR summer fly  
18 whiskey's gone 1000 years or more 1000 years or more summer fly summer fly whiskey's gone  
19 rose garden Less travelled My dear juliet 1000 years cowboy charleston 1000 years  
20 something in the water My dear juliet Something in the water coastin' whiskey's gone white rose  
21 telepathy Something in the water Cowboy charleston something in the water something in the water tag on  
22 1000 years Telepathy Less travelled the flute the flute the flute  
23 no frost Summer fly Summer fly my dear juliet coastin' 16 bars  
24 summer fly Coastin' Telepathy less travelled less travelled less travelled  
25 coastin' Cowboy charleston No frost telepathy 16 bars something in the water  
26 jacket joe No frost Jacket Joe no frost my dear juliet my dear juliet  
27 cowboy charleston Jacket joe Crazy people jacket joe no frost coastin'  
28 crazy people Crazy people Driven JR tag on no frost  
29 driven Driven Babu blues crazy people telepathy telepathy  
30 sheriff on fire Baby blues Friday yet driven crazy people sahara  
31 baby blues Friday yet Amame baby blues sheriff on fire the boat to liverpool  
32 dance again Petter Patter Dance again sahara baby blues crazy people  
33 friday yet Sheriff on fire Sahara sheriff on fire sahara ay ay ay  
34 pitter patter Dance again Cheek to cheek tag on ay ay ay baby blues  
35 sahara sahara Cut a rug friday yet dance again sheriff on fire  
36 cut a rug amame Imelda's way pitter patter jacket joe dance again  
37 1929 Cheek to cheek JR 16 bars driven jacket joe  
38 amame Knee deep Knee deep amame the boat to liverpool come dance with me  
39 cheek to cheek Whole again Whole again dance again cut a rug whole again  
40 km 0 Cut a rug 1929 imelda's way come dance with me last cowboy  
41 knee deep 1929 16 bars cheek to cheek cheek to cheek cut a rug  
42 taxi driver cowboy bruises askin' questions the boat to liverpool friday yet sunday driver  
43 whole again JR Bruises whole again imelda's way driven  
44 bruises Km 0 Km 0 cut a rug last cowboy cheek to cheek  
45 the wind drives you Raggle taggle gypsy O The boat to liverpool knee deep pitter patter friday yet  
46 16 bars The boat to liverpool Raggle taggle gypsy O last cowboy sunday driver imelda's way  
47 JR Askin' questions Tag on 1929 whole again pitter patter  
48 raggle taggle gypsy O Imelda's way Come dance with me askin' questions amame amame  
49 sunday driver Sunday driver Sunday driver bruises bruises bruises  
50 thanks to you Taxi driver cowboy Taxi driver cowboy km 0 Km 0 raggle taggle gypsy O  
51 the boat to liverpool 16 bars Cumbia semana raggle taggle gypsy O knee deep knee deep  
52 the final test Ghost train Ghost train sunday driver on the rocks on the rocks  
53 two by two The wind drives you Last cowboy come dance with me raggle taggle gypsy O km 0  
54 askin' questions Come dance with me On the rocks ghost train 1929 askin' questions  
55 cumbia semana Cumbia semana Thanks to you cumbia semana askin' questions the final test  
56 imerlda's way On the rocks The wind drives you mamma maria the final test 1929  
57 on the rocks Tag on Baby bubbles taxi driver cowboy ghost train don't ask
58 come dance with me Thanks to you Pot of gold ay ay ay mamma maria mamma maria  
59 dutty free The final test The final test con the rocks taxi driver cowboy ghost train  
60 ghost train Two by two Two by two thanks to you baby bubbles taxi driver cowboy  
61 where I belong Don't ask Don't ask the wind drives you cumbia semana duntty free  
62 Baby bubbles Pot of gold Duntty free baby bubbles Duntty free baby bubbles  
63 Pot of gold where I belong Mamma maria don't ask the wind drives you two by two  
64 So much Duntty free Where I belong pot of gold don't ask heartbreak  
65 Clap happy Last cowboy Hello dolly the final test heartbreak the wind drives you  
66 don't ask All shook up All shook up two by two thanks to you live laught love  
67 mamma maria Baby bubbles Ay ay ay bosa nova two by two pot of gold  
68 tag on Clap happy Bosa nova duntty free bosa nova where I belong  
69 the boss Hello dolly Clap happy hello dolly good start cumbia semana  
70 all shook up Mamma maria Doctor, doctor jo'n jo tango hello dolly Thanks to you  
71 hello dolly Skiffle time Jo'n jo tango skiffle time mama loo bosa nova  
72 just married so much Live launght love where I belong pot of gold skiffle time  
73 ya boy Bosa nova Skiffle time AB rhumba where I belong precius time  
74 celtic kittens The boss So much live laught love j.walk good start  
75 eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Ay ay ay AB Rhumba mama loo Jo'n jo tango j.walk  
76 firestorn Blue night cha Mama loo all shook up live laught love hello dolly  
77 footloose Cetltic kittens The boss clap happy skiffle time mama loo  
78 for neige Doctor, doctor Blue night cha doctor, doctor tennessee waltz surprise all shook up  
79 good start Footloose Celtic kittens so much AB Rhumba blue night cha  
80 help me Joana Footloose the boss eatin' ringt drinkin' bad lindy shuffleeatin' ringt drinkin' bad  
81 hippie & cowboy Jo'n jo tango Good start blue night cha lindy shuffle AB Rhumba  
82 it happens Just married Help me footloose precius time jo'n jo tango  
83 Joana Live laught love If I was a single man lindy shuffle the boss it happens'  
84 open heart cowboy Mama loo Joana rock around the clock all shook up tennessee waltz surprise  
85 Roc around the clock Rock around the clock Just Married tennessee waltz suprise clap happy the boss  
86 skiffle time Tennessee waltz surprise Lindy shuffle celtic kittens doctor, doctor clap happy  
87 speak to the sky Ya voy Open heart cowboy for neige it happens just married  
88 tennessee waltz surprise Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Rock around the clock good start rock around the clock so much  
89 ay ay ay Firestorn Tennessee waltz surprise help me so much rock around the clock  
90 blue night cha For neige Ya voy if I was a single man  blue night cha  joana  
91 bosa nova Good start Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Joana footloose doctor, doctor  
92 C.C.S. Help me Firestorm just married for neige from here  
93 Country strong Hippie & cowboy For neige open heart cowboy from here firestorm  
94 doctor, doctor It happens' Hippye & cowboy Ya boy joana open heart cowboy  
95 If I was a single man Lindy shuffle It happens' J. walk just married baby come back to me  
96 last cowboy Open heart cowboy Speak to the sky Baby come back to me baby come back to me footloose  
97 lindy shuffle Speak to the sky Sweet goodby eatin' ringt drinkin' bad canadian boots for neige  
98 live, laught, love AB Rhumba C.C.S firetorm celtic kittens canadian boots  
99 mama loo C.C.S. Country strong hippie&cowboy firetorm speak to the sky  
100 sweet goodbye Country strong mimi it happens' help me slippery  
  big ben If I was a single man Not faig slippery if I was a single man help me  
  jo'n jo tango Not fair slippery speak to the sky Open heart cowboy tush push  
  mimi Slippery wow tokyo sweet goodbye surise ya boy  
  slippery Sweet goodbye     ya voy if I was a single man  
  sunrise Wow tokyo     big ben sunrise  
  thanks a lot       country stron lightning polka  
  wow tokyo       hippie&cowboy cetltic kittens  
          Lightning polka sweet goodbye  
          short time country strong  
          slippery short time  
          speak to the sky    
          sweet goodbye    
          tush push    
          a woman's love    
          bachata crazy    

  Gener Febrer Març Abril Maig Juny  
1 P3 P3 P3 P3 P3 Country as can be 1
2 Country as can be Country as can be Country as can be  Country as can be Country as can be P3 2
3 Go cat go Go cat go go cat go go cat go go cat go go cat go 3
4 Toes This&that Toes toes toes toes 4
5 This&That Toes Muntsa this&that this&that jamaican run 5
6 Muntsa Muntsa This&that jamaican run jamaican run this&that 6
7 Jamaican run Jamaican run Jamaican run muntsa muntsa irish stew 7
8 Chill Factor Two boys Chill factor chill factor chill factor two boys 8
9 Islands in the stream Chill factor Two boys two boys irish stew muntsa 9
10 Two boys Less travelled Irish stew irish stew two boys chill factor 10
11 Irish stew Island in the stream Less travelled islands in the stream islands in the stream island in the stream 11
12 Less Travelled Lost in me Lost in me lost in me lost in me electric slide 12
13 Lost in me Irish stew Islands in the stream less travelled electric slide lost in me 13
14 Whiskey's gone Jacket Joe Jacket joe my dear juliet less travelled white rose 14
15 No frost No frost No frost electric slide my dear juliet less travelled 15
16 Telepathy Telepathy Telepathy telepathy telepathy my dear juliet 16
17 Electric Slide Electric slide Electric slide whiskey's gone the flute the flute 17
18 Jacket joe Whiskey's gone Whiskey's gone jacket joe whiskey's gone no frost 18
19 Friday Yet My dear Juliet My dear juliet no frost jacket joe rose garden 19
20 Rose garden Rose garden Rose garden rose garden no frost something in the water 20
21 My dear juliet The flute The flute the flute something in the water telepathy 21
22 Something in the water Friday yet Friday yet friday yet white rose whiskey's gone 22
23 The flute Something in the water Something in the water something in the water rose garden 1000 years 23
24 1000 Years White rose White rose white rose 1000 years coastin' 24
25 White rose 1000 years or more 1000 years or more 1000 years friday yet cowboy charleston 25
26 Baby blues The wind drives you The wind drives you baby blues baby blues jacket joe 26
27 Cheek to cheek Cheek to cheek Baby blues cowboy charleston coastin' summer fly 27
28 The wind drives you Taxi driver cowboy Cheek to cheek pitter patter cowboy charleston crazy people 28
29 Cowboy charleston 1929 Cowboy charleston cheek to cheek pitter patter friday yet 29
30 Pitter patter Baby blues Crazy people coastin' summer fly sheriff on fire 30
31 Taxi driver cowboy Crazy people Pitter patter crazy people crazy people baby blues 31
32 Crazy people Pitter patter Taxi driver cowboy sheriff on fire driven driven 32
33 Knee deep Sheriff on fire 1929 the wind drives you sheriff on fire pitter patter 33
34 Sahara Cowboy charleston sheriff on fire dance again amame sahara 34
35 Sheriff on fire Dance again Coastin' driven cheek to cheek dance again 35
36 1929 Knee deep Dance again taxi driver cowboy dance again amame 36
37 Dance again Sahara Knee deep 1029 taxi driver cowboy cheek to cheek 37
38 Amame Coastin' Sahara knee deep the wind drives you cut a rug 38
39 Coastin' Thanks to you Driven sahara knee deep km 0 39
40 Driven Amame Summer fly summer fly sahara knee deep 40
41 Summer fly Cut a rug Thanks to you amame 1929 taxi driver cowboy 41
42 Thanks to you Driven (Rod fowler) Two by two cut a rug askin' questions 1929 42
43 Cut a rug So much Amame two by two cut a rug the wind driver you 43
44 So much Two by two Cut a rug km 0 two by two whole again 44
45 Two by two Duntty free So much thanks to you whole again bruises 45
46 Bruises Summer fly Duntty free askin' questions km 0 the final test 46
47 Duntty free Bruises Help me bruises sunday driver two by two 47
48 Ghost train Help me Km 0 ghost train bruises 16 bars 48
49 Sunday driver Km 0 Sunday driver so much cumbia semana askin' questions 49
50 Tennesse waltz surprise Open heart cowboy The boss whole again ghost train JR 50
51 Where I belong Sunday driver Whole again cumbia semana so much raggle taggle gypsy 0 51
52 Whole again The boss Bruises duntty free thanks to you sunday driver 52
53 Don't ask Where I belong Cumbia semana help me baby bubbles thaks to you 53
54 Firestorm Whole again Ghost train on the rocks dutty free the boat to liverpool 54
55 Help me Country strong On the rocks sunday driver imelda's free cumbia semana 55
56 Km 0 Hippie & cowboy Open heart cowboy the boss on the rocks ghost train 56
57 Open heart cowboy On the rocks Where I belong baby bubbles raggle taggle gypsy O imelda's way 57
58 Speak to the sky Speak to the sky All shook up don't ask the final test on the rocks 58
59 The boss The final test Askin' questions footloose all shook up baby bubbles 59
60 Askin' questions All shook up Big ben open heart cowboy don't ask come dance with me 60
61 Big ben Askin' questions Country strong raggle taggle gypsy 0 help me duntty free 61
62 Country strong Big ben Footloose speak to the sky the boss pot of gold 62
63 Cumbia semana Cumbia semana Hippie & cowboy the final test where I belong so much 63
64 Footloose Firetorm Speak to the sky where I belong Clap happy where I belong 64
65 Hippie&cowboy Footloose The final test all shook up footloose don't ask 65
66 On the rocks For neige Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad big ben for neige mamma maria 66
67 The final test Ghost train Firetorm clap happy hippie&cowboy the boss 67
68 Ya boy Tennerssee waltz surprise For neige country strong lindy shuffle clap happy 68
69 Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Ya boy Mamma maria eatin' ringt drinkin' bad mamma maria hello dolly 69
70 For neige Baby bubbles Tennessee waltz surprise firestorm open heart cowboy just married 70
71 Mamma maria Don't ask Ya boy for neigen rock around the clock tag on 71
72 All shook up Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Baby bubbles hippie & cowboy speak to the sky ya boy 72
73 Baby bubbles Lindy shuffle Don't ask mamma maria the boat to liverpool all shook up 73
74 Clap happy Sweet goodbye Lindy shuffle tennessee waltz surprise big ben firestorm 74
75 Come dance with me C.C.S. Rock around the clock thanks a lot country strong footloose 75
76 Hello dolly iF I was a single man Sweet goodbye come dance with me eatin' ringt drinkin' bad for neige 76
77 Imelda's way Mamma maria C.C.S. imelda's way firestorm help me 77
78 Lindy shuffle Mimi Come dance with me lindy shuffle hello dolly hippie&cowboy 78
79 skiffle time Hello dolly If I was a single man rock around the clock pot of gold it happens' 79
80 Sweet goodbye I'm given up Imelda's way Ya voy skiffle time open heart cowboy 80
81 Baby come back to me Just married Mimi C.C.S. tennessee waltz surprise rock around th clock 81
82 C.C.S. Life's hightway Raggle taggle gypsy O hello dolly thanks a lot speak to the sky 82
83 If I was a single man Lifhtning polka Thanks a lot I'm given up ya voy tennessee waltz surprise 83
84 I'm given up Lunam All I can say mimi C.C.S. blue night cha 84
85 Life's hightway Rock around the clock Bufallo road pot of gold come dance with me bosa nova 85
86 Lunam Skiffle time Celtic kittens sweet goodbye just married C.C.S. 86
87 Mimi Sunrise Clap happy celtic kittens bosa nova celtic kittens 87
88 Rock around the clock Thanks a lot Doctor doctor doctor, doctor celtic kittens country strong 88
89 Sunrise Voodoo jive Heartbreak express if I was a single man if I was a single man eatin' ringt drinkin' bad 89
90 Voodoo jive Bufallo road Hello dolly joana i'm given up good start 90
91 Wow Tokyo Celtic kittens I'm given up just married it happens if I was a single man 91
92 Cetltic kittens Clap happy Just married skiffle time joana Joana 92
93 Jo'n jo tango Come dance with me Life's hightway sunrise mimi last cowboy 93
94 Just married Doctor, doctor Lightning polka all I can say sunrise lindy shuffle 94
95 Lightning polka Heartbreak express Lunam Blue night cha sweet goodbye live laught love 95
96 Pot of gold Imelda's way Pot of gold bufallo road blue night cha skiffle time 96
97 Bachata crazy Pot of gold Skiffle time heartbreak express doctor, doctor ay ay ay 97
98  Blue night cha  Raggle taggle gypsy O Sunrise it happens' jo'n jo tango big ben 98
99 Blurred lines Wow tokyo Voodoo jive Jo'n jo tango life's hightway doctor, doctor 99
100 Bosa nova Alive Wow tokyo life's higtway live laught love jo'n jo tango 100
100 Bufallo road All I can Say   lightning polka all I can say mama loo 100
100 Disappearing tail lights Baby come back to me   lunam bachata crazy mimi 100
100 Doctor, doctor Blurred lines   the boat to liverpool bufallo road slipperi 100
100 Heartbreak express DHSS   voodoo jive good start sweet goodbye 100
100 Joana J. Walk   wow tokyo heartbreak express thanks a lot 100
100 Precius time Joana     lightning polka   100
100 Slippery You get it     lunam   100
100 Thanks a lot       mama loo   100
100 You get it       not fair   100
100         san lucas   100
100         slippery   100
100         voodoo jive   100
100         wow tokyo   100






  SETEMBRE   1/09/14 OCTUBRE    1/10/14 NOVEMBRE 2/11/14 DESEMBRE 1/12/14  
1 Country as can be Country as can be P3 Country as can be 1
2 P3 P3 Country as can be P3 2
3 This & That Go cat go Go cat go Go cat go 3
4 Go cat go This&that This&that Muntsa 4
5 Jacket Joe Jacket Joe Toes Toes 5
6 Muntsa Muntsa Muntsa This&that 6
7 Toes Toes Jamaican run Jamaican run 7
8 Jamaican run Lost in me Islands in the stream Less travelled 8
9 Lost in me Jamaican run Jacket Joe Two boys 9
10 Telepathy Two boys Whiskey¡'s gone Islands in the stream 10
11 Two boys Telepathy Less Travelled Lost in me 11
12 No frost No frost Lost in me No frost 12
13 Friday yet Chill factor Two boys Chill factor 13
14 Islands in the stream Friday yet Chill factor Irish stew 14
15 Less travelled Irish stew No frost Jacket joe 15
16 Whiskey's gone Islands in the stream Friday Yet Whiskey's gone 16
17 Chill factor Less travelled Irish stew Telepathy 17
18 The flute Whiskey's gone Telepathy Electric slide 18
19 Irish stew My dear juliet Electric slide Friday yet 19
20 My dear juliet The flute The flute My dear juliet 20
21 Something in the water Taxi driver cowboy My dear juliet Rose garden 21
22 Taxi driver cowboy 1000 years Rose garden The flute 22
23 1929 Baby blues Baby blues Something in the water 23
24 1000 years or more Rose garden Something in the water 1000 Years or more 24
25 The wind drives you Something in the water The wind drives you The wind drives you 25
26 Baby blues 1929 Taxi driver cowboy White rose 26
27 Cheek to cheek Cheek to cheek 1000 years or more Cheek to cheek 27
28 Sheriff on fire Electric slide Cheek to cheek Taxi driver cowboy 28
29 Electric slide Sheriff on fire Sheriff on fire Baby blues 29
30 Open heart cowboy The wind drives you 1929 Crazy people 30
31 Thanks to you Crazy people Crazy people Sheriff on fire 31
32 Amame Open heart cowboy Pitter Patter Pitter Patter 32
33 Crazy people Thanks to you Dance again 1929 33
34 Rose garden Pitter patter Thanks to you Dance again 34
35 Driven (Rod fowler) Amame White Rose Sahara 35
36 Pitter Patter Big ben knee deep Cowboy charleston 36
37 White rose Dance again Open heart cowboy Knee deep 37
38 Big ben White rose Amame Thanks to you 38
39 Country strong Country Strong Cowboy charleston Amame 39
40 Don't ask Don't ask Driven (Rod Fowler) So much 40
41 Firestorm Driven Big ben Two by two 41
42 Knee deep Firestorn Cumbia semana Coastin' 42
43 Sweet goodbye Knee deep Don't ask Cut a rug 43
44 Dance again Speak to the sky Duntty free Driven (rod fowler) 44
45 Where I belong Sweet goodbye Sahara Dutty free 45
46 Whole again The boss Speak to the shy Where I belong 46
47 Ya boy Cowboy charleston Coasti'n Bruises 47
48 Dutty free Duntty free Country strong Help me 48
49 For neige Where I belong Firestorn Open heart cowboy 49
50 Speak to the sky Yaboy Help me Speak to the sky 50
51 Askin' questions Coastin' So much Summer fly 51
52 Coastin' Cumbia semana Summer fly The boss 52
53 Cowboy charleston Cut a rug Sweet goodbye Big ben 53
54 Cut a rug For neige The boss Country strong 54
55 Footloose Summer fly Whole again Cumbia semana 55
56 On the rocks Whole again Cut a rug Firestorm 56
57 So much Footloose Ghost Train Ghost train 57
58 Summer fly Ghost Train The final test Hippie&cowboy 58
59 Sunrise Help me Where I belong Km 0 59
60 The boss Hippie&cowboy Ya boy On the rocks 60
61 Voodoo jive On the rocks Askin' questions Sunday driver 61
62 Blurred lines (Will bos..) Sahara C.C.S. The final test 62
63 Cumbia semana So much Footloose Ya boy 63
64 Help me Sunrise For neige Don't ask 64
65 Hippie&cowboy Voodoo jive On the rocks For neige 65
66 Joana Askin' questions Tennessee waltz surprise Tennesse waltz surprise 66
67 Rock around the clock Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Two by two Whole again 67
68 You get it Hello dolly Voodoo jive Askin' questions 68
69 C.C.S. Joana Bruises Baby bubbles 69
70 Ghost Train Rock around the clock Hello dolly Footloose 70
71 Lindy shuffle Tennessee altz surprise Hippie&Cowboy Lindy shuffle 71
72 Open doors The final test I'm given up or Ain't givin' up Mamma maria 72
73 Sunday driver Wow tokyo Km 0 Sweet goodbye 73
74 Tennessee waltz surprise You get it Life's Hightway All shook up 74
75 The final test Blue night cha Rock around the clock C.C.S. 75
76 Two by two Blurred Lines (will bo...) Sunday driver Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad 76
77 Wow Tokyo C.C.S. Sunrise If I was a single man 77
78 All shook up Cetltic Kittens Wow tokyo I'm given up 78
79 Celtic kittens Drean lover Baby bubbles Life's hightway 79
80 Drean lover Lindy shuffle Blurred Lines (Wil bos...) Mimi 80
81 eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Open doors Eatin' ringt drinkin' bad Rock around the clock 81
82 Get ready Sunday Driver Joana Sunrise 82
83 Grapes Two by two Jo'n jo Tango Come dance with me 83
84 Hello dolly All shook up Lindy shuffle Hello dolly 84
85 I'm given up (Ain't givin' up) Bruises Mamma maria Imelda's way 85
86 J.Walk Get ready Pot of gold Just married 86
87 Life's hightway Grapes Slippery Lightning polka 87
88 Lightning polka I'm given up (Ain't ...) You get it Lunam 88
89 Not fair It happens' All I Can say Voodoo jive 89
90 Pot of gold J.Walk All shook up Wow tokyo 90
91 Sahara Jo'n jo tango Blue night cha Baby come back to me 91
92 Skiffle time KM 0 Cetltic kittens Blurred lines (wil bos&Roy...) 92
93 Alive Life's hightway Drean lover Bufalo road 93
94 Blue night cha Lightning polka If I was a single man Celtic kittens 94
95 Casino's night Mamma maria Imelda's way Heartbreak express 95
96 Clap Happy No man's land J.Walk Pot of gold 96
97 Imerda's way Not fair Open doors Skiffle time 97
98 It happen's Pot of gold Thanks a lot Thanks a lot 98
99 Jo'n jo tango Skiffle time Timber (alison...) You get it 99
100 Mamma Maria Timber Baby come back to me Alive 100
100     Bufallo road Blue night cha 100
100     Clap happy Clap happy 100
100     Come dance with me DHSS 100
100     Get ready Disappearing tail lights 100
100     Grapes It happens 100
100     Heartbreak express J. Walk 100
100     It happens Joana 100
100     Lightning polka Jo'n jo tango 100
100     Love bug Slippery 100
100     Mimi Timber (alison&Peter) 100
100     No man's land   100
100     Not fair   100
100     Skiffle time   100